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CHECO Southeast Asia Report: Base Defense in Thailand, that states that there are no records of tactical herbicide spraying in Thailand after 1964. While the Thailand CHECO Report does not report the use
Citation Nr: 1705198 Decision Date: 02/21/17 Archive Date: 02/28/17 DOCKET NO. 09-06 901 DATE ) On appeal from the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Huntington, West Virginia
claim is not for herbicide exposure while in Thailand, it is based on my service in Laos." At the October 2014 Board hearing, the Veteran described his duties while stationed in Thailand. The Veteran
active duty. The Veteran's file includes a November 2009 memorandum of which the RO issued a formal finding on a lack of information required to verify Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam or Thailand. It
the United States Air Force from June 1966 to December 1970. He served in South Korea and Thailand and was awarded a National Defense Service Medal, among other commendations. These matters come before
further evidentiary development. FINDINGS OF FACT 1. The Veteran did not have service in Vietnam. 2. The Veteran served in Thailand; exposure to herbicides/Agent Orange is not verified and may not
his military occupation specialty (MOS) as an airplane mechanic, and his duty station in Thailand. Thus, service in Thailand at Ubon AFB has been established. Diabetes mellitus, type II and peripheral
death listed on his death certificate (specifically coronary artery disease and type II diabetes mellitus) were the result of his exposure to herbicides while the Veteran was stationed in Thailand, Korea,
records from the Social Security Administration (SSA), also to try and verify the Veteran's alleged temporary duty service (TDY) in Vietnam and/or exposure to herbicides in Thailand, and lastly to have
of the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War Era; therefore, exposure to an herbicide agent may not be presumed. 4. The Veteran served at the U-Tapao Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand from April
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