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the Vietnam era while serving in Thailand. Specifically, he testified that he was stationed at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand from May 1971 to May 1972. He testified that he worked in administration but he had
Service reviewed several reports, including the Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report: Base Defense in Thailand in determining whether veterans who served in Thailand were exposed to herbicides. The Compensation
He also testified that he flew in and out of the military base at U-Tapao, Thailand, when he went for a week of leave in Thailand. He then conceded that he was at U-Tapao for no more than a few hours when
his active service in Thailand. He claims that although his military occupational specialty was cook while stationed in United States Army Pacific (USARPAC), Thailand, he drove a truck to and from Royal
in the Republic of Vietnam, did not perform duties on or near the perimeters of military bases in Thailand, and is not shown by evidence of record to have been exposed to herbicide agents (e.g., Agent Orange)
a) (1); 38 C.F.R. § 3.307 (a) (6). In addition, VA s Compensation & Pension Service has issued information concerning the use of herbicides in the Kingdom of Thailand (Thailand) during the Vietnam War.
of Thailand military bases. This allows for presumptive service connection of the diseases associated with herbicide exposure. The majority of troops in Thailand during the Vietnam era were stationed
Wing in Korat, Thailand. He stated that the flight made refueling stops in Anchorage, Alaska; Yokota, Japan; Clark Air Force Base, Philippines; Tan Son Nut, Saigon, Vietnam; and Bangkok, Thailand. He
submitted a September 2014 lay statement describing his service in Thailand and other documents discussing herbicide agent use in Thailand. This evidence qualifies as new evidence because it was not of
of Thailand. In short, aside from the Veteran s inconsistent statements of record regarding TDY in Thailand, he has proffered no evidence to show that he actually was in Thailand on TDY at any time
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