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to include his distinguished service in the Republic of Vietnam. In January 2010, the Regional Office (RO) granted service connection for PTSD with alcohol abuse secondary to PTSD, effectuated from
2006. Entitlement to a rating in excess of 30 percent for PTSD prior to December 30, 2015. The Veteran asserts that his service-connected PTSD is more severe than his current assigned disability
22, 2019 ORDER A rating for PTSD in excess of 50 percent is denied. FINDING OF FACT The weight of the evidence shows that it is less likely than not that the Veteran s PTSD symptoms throughout
not support the assignment of a higher rating for any period on appeal for the Veteran s PTSD. CONCLUSION OF LAW The criteria for an initial evaluation of PTSD in excess of 10 percent prior to
Citation Nr: 19190455 Decision Date: 12/02/19 Archive Date: 12/02/19 DOCKET NO. 16-19 022 DATE REMANDED A higher initial rating for PTSD is remanded. Service connection for bilateral hearing
denied service connection for anxiety condition secondary to PTSD, sleep disturbances secondary to PTSD, and stress secondary to erectile dysfunction. In addition, the RO found there was no new and material
to June 27, 2007, that constitute a claim of service connection for PTSD. 4. For the entire period on appeal, PTSD was manifested by subjective complaints of a lack of motivation, decreased interest
VA) Regional Office (RO) that denied service connection for PTSD, prostate cancer, and multiple myeloma. Entitlement to service connection for PTSD The Veteran contends that he is entitled to service
connected PTSD renders him incapable of securing or following a substantially gainful occupation. CONCLUSIONS OF LAW 1. The criteria for a disability rating in excess of 70 percent for PTSD have not
December 31, 2019 ORDER Entitlement to an initial 100 percent rating for service-connected posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is granted. FINDING OF FACT The Veteran s PTSD is manifested
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