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the risk of salivary gland cancer increases with the dose of ionizing radiation but that the doses associated with salivary gland cancer have generally been reported as above 100 rad. Thus, [t
Stomach cancer; (x) Colon cancer; (xi) Pancreatic cancer; (xii) Kidney cancer; (xiii) Urinary bladder cancer; (xiv) Salivary gland cancer; (xv) Multiple myeloma; (xvi) Posterior subcapsular cataracts; (xvii)
1. Whether new and material evidence was received to reopen a claim for entitlement to service connection for submaxillary salivary gland mucoepidermoid carcinoma secondary to Agent Orange. 2. Whether new
year presumption for cancer due to ionizing radiation, since the cancer was not a bone cancer but rather cancer of the salivary gland. RO accordingly reopened the claim by a deferred rating decision in
finds that the March 2013 VHA expert opinion is very probative evidence in this case. The March 2013 VHA expert medical opinion explains that salivary gland cancers are quite rare and details, with statistical
ISSUES 1. Entitlement to service connection for cancer of the parotid gland (claimed as salivary gland condition). 2. Entitlement to service connection for skin cancer. 3. Entitlement to service
2007 VA PTSD examination report, the Veteran discussed his in-service neck wound, recalled spitting out metal, and commented on his later development of salivary cancer in that area. As such, the Veteran
it appears that, after the Veteran was diagnosed as having salivary gland cancer in 1997, his cancerous salivary gland was removed surgically and his cancer has not reoccurred. The Veteran is not competent
cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, urinary bladder cancer, salivary gland cancer, multiple myeloma, posterior subcapsular cataracts, non-malignant
16. Entitlement to service connection for cancer of the gallbladder as a result of exposure to ionizing radiation. 17. Entitlement to service connection for cancer of the salivary gland as a result of exposure
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