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Subject: InsideTMS is a source for training, toolkits, news, and information, on the Talent Management System (TMS). TMS supports VA employees' learning and training needs.
Keywords: VA TMS, VALU, InsideTMS​508compliance.html
Subject: This page discusses two different 508 offices in the VA that review e-learning products.
Keywords: VA TMS, VALU, InsideTMS, 508, compliance, section 508, VHA, accessibility​swf/​clicflic_flash_navigatingthevatmsho/​embed.html​va_submissionforms/​section508​swf/​clicflic_flash_managingyouremployeelearningrequests/​embed.html​swf/​clicflic_flash_managingyouremployeetodolist/​embed.html​plugins.html
Subject: This page contains links to plug-ins for viewing PDF, SWF, and DOC files.
Keywords: VA TMS, VALU, InsideTMS, plug-in, plug, in, viewing, pdf, swf, doc, adobe, acrobat, reader, flash, player, microsoft, word​archivedcontent.html
Subject: This page contains archived content related to the VA LMS.
Keywords: VA TMS, VALU, InsideTMS, VA LMS, archived, archives, archive, content, phase II​findlocaladmin.html
Subject: This page contains tools to help users find their local administrators.
Keywords: VA TMS, VALU, InsideTMS, find, search, local, administrator​vatmsconnectors.html
Subject: This pages contains information on the Organizations Connector and User Custom Column Connector.
Keywords: VA TMS, VALU, InsideTMS, connectors, organizations, user, custom, column