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home wheelchair accessible and has a maximum of $77,307 (2017). The Special Housing Adaptations (SHA) grant is limited to $15,462 (2017) and is
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March 15, 2017 Introduction to HERC Services Elizabeth Gehlert, M.P.H. Slides and video February 15, 2017 The Cost-Effectiveness of Complementary
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Drs. Steve Martino and Marc Rosen are conducting a study that will use the VA compensation and pension exam as a way to reach Veterans who are
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in the military. As enlisted personnel progress up the ranks/rates (there are nine enlisted ranks/rates), they assume more responsibility, and
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quality patient care This Issue: Ensuring High-Quality Care Table of Contents: Fall 2017 Download this issue From the Chief Research and Development
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unless you are filing for special monthly pension. Special monthly pension is an allowance that may be paid to individuals who, due to mental
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Form 21-4103 to apply for death pension on behalf of a child or children of the veteran. C. Who may be eligible for death pension? Pension may
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2.1.11 Unemployment Rates by VISN. 28 2017 Survey of Veteran Enrollees Health and Use of Health
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governing assignment of permanent and total disability ratings for pension purposes, "to reflect changes in laws and interpretations of laws"
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