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RN, Spira J, Wiederhold BK, McCraty R, McCune TR. Heart Rate Variability and Cognitive Bias Feedback Interventions to Prevent Post-deployment​research/​citations/​excel-output.cfm?authors=&title=pain&year=
table border="1" tr th Reference Type /th th FormattedBiblio /th th Authors /th th Title /th th Journal /th th Date /th th Volume​research/​citations/​pubbriefs
of VA Mobile Teledermatology Application Telemedicine Mar 1, 2021 Inequities in Enhanced Pension Benefit for Veterans Elder Care Long-Term​research/​citations/​pubbriefs/​default.cfm?activesearch=2&searchkeywords=ptsd
diagnosis rates were lower for women and men with versus without obesity. Anxiety diagnosis rates were slightly lower among women with versus​research/​search-topics.cfm?qt=ptsd
Jeffrey 2017-09-01 IIR 15-348 Cannabis Use and Health among VHA Primary Care Patients Blow, Frederic 2017-05-01 PPO 16-249 Improving Trauma Sensitive​research/​search-topics.cfm?qt=quality
2017-04-01 SDR 15-197 Evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Gulf War Illness Kearney, David 2017-04-01 IIR 15-301 The Effect of Reduction​research/​citations/​pubbriefs/​articles.cfm?recordid=391
Template Use Associated with Treatment Quality for Veterans with PTSD (09/30/2017) Benefits and Harms of Cannabis for PTSD (09/05/2017) Current​research/​center_studies.cfm?center=6&center_site_descr=minneapolis, mn
2017-05-31 IIR 11-328 Motivating Providers to Reduce Racial Disparities in Their Own Practice Burgess, Diana 2017-05-31 IIR 12-340 Causal Dynamic​research/​abstracts.cfm?project_id=2141703180
Renal Disease Matthew L Maciejewski PhD Durham VA Medical Center, Durham, NC Durham, NC Funding Period: February 2014 January 2017 BACKGROUND/​research/​citations/​abstract.cfm?identifier=120980
and psychometric testing on veterans affairs posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) disability exam outcomes. Psychological assessment. 2017 Jun

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