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HSRD 2004 National Meeting Abstract: 1064. Facilitation of Interventions to Improve Vaccination Rates: SCI QUERI Return to: All Abstracts HSR​meetings/​2002/​1043.htm
increase vaccination rates for persons with SCI&D. A secondary objective was to assess the effect of increased vaccination rates on respiratory-​research_topics/​influenza.cfm
of high-dose (HD) influenza vaccination compared to standard-dose (SD) vaccination among Veterans 65 years and older who received either HD or​research/​abstracts.cfm?project_id=-1213900746
DRA DRE Portfolios/Projects Centers Career Development Projects SCT 01-169 Increasing Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination in the VA​research/​citations/​pubbriefs/​articles.cfm?recordid=726
vaccination compared to SD vaccination among 25,714 elderly Veterans (65 years and older) who received HD vaccine and 139,511 elderly Veterans​research/​citations/​pubbriefs/​articles.cfm?recordid=806
hoping to improve their vaccination rates. Three factors distinguished sites with high flu vaccination rates from those with low rates: High levels​research/​citations/​abstract.cfm?identifier=118630
Taljaard M, Ogarek J, Gozalo P, Han L, Mor V. Comparative effectiveness of high-dose versus standard-dose influenza vaccination on numbers of​research/​citations/​abstract.cfm?identifier=121413
significantly lower adjusted odds of completing HPV vaccination. Adding socioeconomic factors to the models attenuated the HPV vaccination initiation​research/​abstracts.cfm?project_id=2141703167
care settings and are professionally responsible for receiving annual influenza vaccination. Vaccine rates for SCI/D HCWs have been about 50% for​research/​abstracts.cfm?project_id=2141693829
analysis comparing preattack vaccination with postattack antibiotic treatment and vaccination. Annals of internal medicine. 2007 Apr 9; 167(7):

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