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Scott Turner VIST Coordinator Scott Turner, VIST Coordinator How did I become a VIST Coordinator? My story is one of things happen for a reason.​services/​brc/​fall2016.docx
22 Permission for Alumni Group 23 Nursing Corner: Flu Shot 25 VIST Support Groups 26 Know Your VIST Coordinator 26 Mission Statement The mission​services/​brc/​summer-2017.docx
to his VIST Coordinator 32 Chaplain's Thoughts 35 Photos 36 VIST Support Groups 38 Know Your VIST Coordinator 39 Mission Statement The mission​services/​brc/​annual-report-winter-2018.docx
of VA Blind Rehabilitation Centers 24 VIST Support Groups 25 Know Your VIST Coordinator 26 Mission Statement The mission of Blind Rehabilitation​services/​brc/​spring-2018.docx
Better Hydration 18 Chaplain's Thoughts 20 Social Work News: Family Training 21 Sometimes It Takes a Blind Person 23 Photos 25 VIST Support Groups​visual_impairment_service_team.asp
Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST) VA Salt Lake City Health Care System Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST) The Visual Impairment Services​services/​welcomehome/​welcomehomeresourcesguide.pdf
Welcome Home Resource Guide FOR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES Spring 2016 Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System GULF​services/​brc/​handbook.pdf
meet your Team Coordinator. The Team Coordinator will give you a class schedule based on the referral of your VIST Coordinator. During the first​services/​visual_impairment_services.asp
needs Overview of benefits Complete eye examinations Low-vision evaluation VIST support group Eligibility for VIST To be eligible for the Visual​services/​visual_impairment_service_team_blind_rehabilitation.asp
Team (VIST) Coordinator The Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinators are case managers who have responsibility for the coordination