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VIST SERVICES For Blind and Low Vision Veterans The Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST) is a VA program designed to assists Veterans with the​services/​vist_program.asp
Visual Impairment Program VA St. Louis Health Care System Visual Impairment Program Services offered by the VIST program are available to both​services/​visual_impairment_services.asp
other adaptive devices based on the outcome of the assessments by Low Vision Optometrist and/or the VIST Coordinator. Referral to VIST Any Veteran​services/​vist_bros.asp
Visual Impairment and Blind Rehabilitation VA North Texas Health Care System Visual Impairment and Blind Rehabilitation The VIST/BROS program​services/​blind_rehabilitation.asp
Find Help? The best way for a veteran who is visually impaired to get help is to contact a VIST coordinator. The VIST coordinator will help a​services/​blind/​hbrhistory.asp
throughout the country and Puerto Rico, over 100 full-time Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST) Coordinators, over 20 Blind Rehabilitation Outpatient​services/​visually_impaired_services.asp
extension 14516 Charlotte, Lee, Highlands, and Collier Counties VIST Coordinator Call 727-398-6661 extension 20828 VIST Rehabilitation Training​services/​vist.asp
the coordination of services for severely disabled visually impaired Veterans and active duty Servicemembers. VIST provides and/or arranges the​veteran_experience_portal/​health_promotion_disease_prevention.asp
For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the VIST coordinator at 317-988-2576 or 888-878-6889 What is VIST? VIST stands​services/​blindrehab.asp
who is visually impaired to get help is to contact a VIST coordinator. VIST stands for "Visual Impairment Services Team." A VIST coordinator will