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Independent Study Course Originally Released: 1998 Revised: December 2001 Sponsored by Department of Veterans Affairs Employee Education System​rac-gwvi/​docs/​minutes_and_agendas/​minutes_feb2003.pdf
Medical Centers). VSO Veterans Service Organization WRIISC War-Related Illness and Injury Study Center 6 Research Advisory Committee on​til/​dmanual/​dmhvac.pdf
2 2.3 SPECIAL STUDIES .2-​rac-gwvi/​...18/​pubmed_oct23_oct302018508compl.pdf
double-blind, placebocontrolled, phase 3b study. Reuter U1, Goadsby PJ2, Lanteri-Minet M3, Wen S4, Hours-Zesiger P5, Ferrari MD6, Klatt J5. Lancet.​til/​dmanual/​dmidhonh.pdf
▪▪▪ May 2008 Interior Design Manual PROJECT TEAM Department of Veterans​opa/​publications/​vanguard/​va_vanguard_13_summer.pdf
Serving America s Veterans InsIde The Affordable Care Act How the Implementation of the Act Will Affect Veterans and Employees VA s ‘PACT​opa/​publications/​vanguard/​va_vanguard_14_summer_fall.pdf
VANGUARD My Name is Bob and I CARE. Inside Features Q&A ForumForUs Big Heart in a Small Package We'll Keep the Light On for You Reining in PTSD​docs/​employeehealth/​health-promotion-guidebook-text-only.pdf
Employee Health Promotion Disease Prevention logo. A circle with a picture of four stick people layering their right hands into the center of​docs/​employeehealth/​health-promotion-guidebook.pdf
i Employee Health Promotion Disease Prevention Guidebook Occupational Health Strategic Healthcare Group Office of Public Health (10P3), Veterans​publications/​ctu_docs/​ctu_v9n2.pdf
1-Does interpersonal therapy measure up to PE? 2-Telehealth for PTSD. 3-Psychotherapy for PTSD/SUD. 4-A strategy to increase telehealth delivery of evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD. 5- Motivational strategies and peer support enhance online training in exposure therapy. 6-Innovative approaches to PTSD care. 7-For older Veterans, odds of getting PTSD treatment decreases with age. 8-Barriers to care and treatment preferences among OEF/OIF Veterans.