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Contents VA PG-18-5 Department of Veterans Affairs POLYTRAUMA REHABILITATION CENTER (PRC) (111) FY 2018 Qtr 2 (02-02-2018) Report Generated:
limb as well as compromising the fit of the prosthesis. The objective of this study is to define the heat characteristics at the skin/socket interface​features/​stroke_robotics_wins_abell_innovation_award.asp
Stroke Robotics Wins Abell Innovation Award Researchers use robotics studies to learn brain wave patterns of people walking on a treadmill and​services/​medical_service.asp
echocardiograms. All types of stress testing including treadmill exercise, adenosine, dypridamole and dobutamine stress are done routinely. Both​services/​nucmed.asp
Endocrine Imaging (Examples: Thyroid Scan, Parathyroid Localization Study) Tumor or Tissue Localization (Examples: Octreoscan, Thyroid Cancer​services/​cardiology.asp
Clinic 1 st Floor, Mod A Ext. 4263 · 8 th Floor Cardiology: Outpatient Clinic, Echocardiography, Arrhythmia/Device Clinic, Treadmill Stress Testing.​facilities/​motion-study-lab
Motion Study Laboratory Advanced Platform Technology Center Motion Study Laboratory Located at LSCVAMC The Motion Study Laboratory (MSL) under​currents/​0618-fda-approves-new-drug-to-diagnose-adult-growth-hormone-deficiency.cfm
by Christopher Pacheco) The study results appeared online May 31 in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The study was funded by​til/​equip/​equip269.xlsx
Contents VA PG-18-5 Department of Veterans Affairs RECREATION THERAPY SERVICE (269) FY 2018 Qtr 2 (02-02-2018) Report Generated: 17 Jan​currents/​spring2014/​spring2014-19.cfm
Rehabilitation. (Photo by Adam Hernandez) Exercising on a treadmill may prevent blindness—at least in mice. That's the upshot of a lab study