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Search all VA sites » search results​professional/​treat/​essentials/​acute_stress_disorder.asp
Describes acute stress disorder (ASD), including: who is at risk, how is it assessed and treated, and how is it related to PTSD.​professional/​consult/​consultants.asp
The PTSD Consultation Program supports VA providers and providers outside of the VA who are treating Veterans with PTSD.​professional/​treat/​essentials/​history_ptsd.asp
Describes in detail the history of PTSD, the PTSD diagnosis, and the criteria needed to meet a diagnosis of PTSD.​understand/​what/​teens_ptsd.asp
An overview of how traumatic experiences affect children and teenagers. Provides information on treatment.​professional/​treat/​care/​toolkits/​clergy/​references.asp
List of references included in this Toolkit.​professional/​treat/​type/​disaster_longterm_tx.asp
Describes research support for trauma-focused psychotherapy and other interventions appropriate for adult disaster survivors who continue to express symptoms in the months to years following an event.​understand/​types/​resources_disaster_violence.asp
Disaster and mass violence can lead to injury, death, and psychological distress. This page links you to information to help survivors and loved ones deal with the stresses that come from these types of events. Current events are also highlighted.​professional/​treat/​specific/​ptsd_child_teens.asp
An overview of the effects of various traumatic experiences on children and adolescents.​professional/​continuing_ed/​presenters/​patricia_watson_phd.asp
Biography and a list of courses taught by this instructor.​professional/​continuing_ed/​presenters/​terence_keane_phd.asp
Biography and a list of courses taught by this instructor.