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Alcohol, Medication and Drug Use After Disaster​professional/​treat/​type/​pfa/​pfa_relaxation.pdf
Trauma and PTSD: Tips for Relaxation​professional/​treat/​type/​pfa/​pfa_giving_socal_support.pdf
Connecting with Others: Giving Social Support​professional/​treat/​type/​pfa/​pfa_seeking_socal_support.pdf
Connecting with Others: Seeking Social Support​vantage/​29904/​psychologist-led-va-team-responding-shootings
not readily available. The decision was made to provide psychological first aid at the points of gravity where mental health services would be​nursing/​practice/​emergencymgmt.asp
Medical Response Teams and Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System Brochure National Center for PTSD Psychological First Aid (PFA): Field​vantage/​14097/​its-always-the-right-time-to-mind-your-health
a mobile app for disaster responders called PFA Mobile. The app, based on psychological first aid, was downloaded 6,877 times since its release​vantage/​9882/​va-named-to-the-2013-most-wired-hospitals-list
may face, including difficulty sleeping, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychological first aid (PFA) and smoking cessation. My Health​digitalstrategy/​digitalstrategy.html
at least two existing major customer-facing services that contain high-value data or content as first-move candidates to make compliant with new​digitalstrategy/​milestone_7_2.asp
the PE treatment manual. Read more. PFA Mobile Psychological First Aid (PFA) Mobile is an app designed for first responders to use following