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DISASTER PREPAREDNESS TO PROMOTE COMMUNITY RESILIENCE Information and Tools for Homeless Service Providers and Disaster Professionals Introduction​docs/​pandemicflu/​ethics_and_pandemic_flu_fact_sheet_508_2010-09-30.pdf
EFFICIENCY: Achieving the greatest good for the greatest number Coming to the aid of those who fall ill during an influenza pandemic may be one​communityproviders/​docs/​companion_mobile_apps_508.pdf
used in session. PFA Mobile was designed to assist responders who provide psychological first aid (PFA) to adults, families, and children as part​careers/​psychologytrainingbrochure2018_2019.docx
Psychological Association (APA) or Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) accredited graduate program in Clinical, Counseling, or Combined Psychology​professional/​treat/​care/​toolkits/​police/​managingstrategiespolice.asp
Strategies for dealing with posttraumatic stress symptoms in oneself and one's fellow police officers, using the Stress First Aid Model (SFA), an evidence-informed self-care and peer support model developed for those in high-risk occupations like military, fire and rescue, and law enforcement.​about/​divisions/​executive/​watson_p.asp
National Center for PTSD staff biography for Patricia Watson, PhD.
[PDF] Haun CV​investigators_staff/​haun.pdf
of Health Employees. May 2015 September 2016, Field Trainer and Consultant, Psychological First Aid and Recognizing and Responding to Abuse.​publications/​esp/​suicide-risk-app.pdf
e=Exclude B=Retrieve for Background Characteristic codes: Our first priority is retrieval of systematic reviews, especially​publications/​esp/​suicide-risk.pdf
Evidence-based Synthesis Program Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Research & Development Service​publicaffairs/​pugetsoundnewsspring2011.pdf
workers are trained to be very resourceful at offering psychological first aid to evacuees and other disaster relief volunteers, as well