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PTSD and Suicide; Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report: National Center for PTSD​understand/​types/​disaster_risk_resilence.asp
Discusses what makes it more and less likely that you will have mental health problems after a disaster.​about/​work/​docs/​annual_reports/​2016/​ncptsd_2016_annual_report_abridged.pdf
Women's Mental Health; PTSD​professional/​assessment/​documents/​wellbeinginventorymanual.pdf
Assessment instrument; manual
as well as family members of combat Veterans. The service is free for combat Veterans and their families so they may find resources they need​about/​work/​docs/​annual_reports/​2015/​ncptsd_2015annualreport_all_appendices.pdf
National Center for PTSD Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report. Implementation Science.​professional/​treat/​specific
Articles on understanding the experiences and needs of specific populations to help improve care.​family/​effect_relationships.asp
Describes how trauma reactions can sometimes get in the way of closeness and connecting with others.​publications/​ctu_docs/​ctu_v12n3.pdf
1. Update on psychological and pharmacological treatments for PTSD 2. Special journal issue on PTSD 3. Report on the needs of male Servicemembers who experienced sexual assault 4. Systematic review of RCTs of mind-body interventions for PTSD 5. Systematic review of interventions for PTSD and TBI that involve or support families 6. Systematic review and meta-analysis of early interventions after traumatic injury 7. First dose-response study of MDMA for PTSD 8. Patients with dissociative subtype of PTSD respond to PE 9. Novel statistical strategies help predict response to PTSD treatment 10. Fidelity of collaborative care predicts outcomes for depression but not PTSD 11. Another study of HBOT, but no definitive answers for PTSD 12. New measure assesses PTSD-specific psychosocial functioning in Veterans 13. Pilot evaluation of web-based peer educational campaign about PTSD​professional/​treat/​type/​disaster_risk_resilience.asp
Reviews the risk and resilience (or protective) factors at the individual, social, and community level that impact the influence of disaster or mass violence events on those affected.