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responsible to the beneficiary and oversees financial management of VA benefit payments. Generally, family members or friends serve as fiduciaries​families/​programs.asp
Care This VA program provides guidance to Veterans family members and friends for encouraging a reluctant Veteran they care about to reach​gibill/​education_programs.asp
are available to advance the education and skills of Veterans and Servicemembers. Spouses and family members may also be eligible for education​understand/​types/​sexual_trauma_child.asp
Information on the effects of child sexual abuse, and what you can do to help keep children safe.
Veterans and Families. The guide is available in both English and Spanish and can be downloaded here: tips.asp
have developed a new Hurricane Preparedness Guide for Veterans and Families. The guide is available in both English and Spanish and can be downloaded​professional/​treat/​specific/​ptsd_child_teens.asp
An overview of the effects of various traumatic experiences on children and adolescents.
Service Commission OHIOCARES Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (Veterans Services) Ohio Department of Veterans Services Request Military​compensation/​claims-postservice-exposures-camp-lejeune-water.asp
Health benefits or cost reimbursement for 15 conditions may be available for Veterans and family members who served on active duty or resided​professional/​treat/​txessentials/​tx_survivors_trauma.asp
Discusses therapy in the acute aftermath of a disaster, the phases that occur, who is affected, and early intervention strategies. A treatment model for acute stress is described.