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Subject: VA Office of Research & Development (R&D)
Description: VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) supports health research at more than 115 VA facilities nationwide. Specially designated VA research centers conduct basic and clinical studies that support concentrated efforts by groups of scientists studying diseases such as AIDS, alcoholism, schizophrenia, and rehabilitation efforts. Other research programs foster additional multidisciplinary research, pilot studies, and research training for teams of scientists exploring a wide variety of topics. Our goal is to improve the health of the nearly 3.5 million veteran patients we serve each year and lay the groundwork for improved patient care within VA. This often contributes to significant health care advances throughout the United States and the world. VA provides a unique setting for researchers to see their results incorporate into better patient care as nearly 80 percent of them are also clinicians.
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Subject: ORD Policies and Guidance Documents
Description: ORD Policies and Guidance Documents
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Subject: General Administration
Description: General Administration
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Subject: VA R&D Research Programs
Description: A comprehensive list of all VA R&D Research Programs
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Subject: VA Research Week
Description: VA Research Week
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Subject: VA R&D Communications Order Form
Description: VA R&D Communications Order Form
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Subject: Voices of VA Research Podcast Series
Description: Voices of VA Research Podcast Series
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Subject: VA Research Spotlight
Description: VA Research Spotlight
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