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Qigong Veteran Brian Bittings discusses benefits of Qigong, an ancient martial art that is similar to Tai Chi. Captions (SRT format) Captions​wellness
Health and Wellness Links Washington DC VA Medical Center Health and Wellness Links Welcome to the DC VAMC Link to Health and Wellness The Integrative​patientcenteredcare/​veteran-handouts/​an_introduction_to_working_the_body.asp
Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is a practice similar to tai chi. Some people consider tai chi a form of Qigong. Qigong means cultivation of​directory/​guide/​facility.asp?id=521
Vietnam Veteran Group (12:00pm 2:00pm.) Veterans Advocate (10:30am 7:00pm.) Qigong (10:30am 11:30am.) Guitars for Vets (5:00pm 6:00pm.)​directory/​guide/​facility.asp?id=143
massage, meditation, acupuncture, gardening and Qigong. With over 300 active projects, the Research and Development team has had a dramatic impact​ms/​...lness_meditation_and_spirituality.asp
to heal myself? ". This was the turning point for me. The next thing that crossed my path was Qigong, a mind-body therapy and complementary and​vantage/​16255/​complementary-and-alternative-medicine-yoga-acupuncture-and-more
it. Along with Accupuncture and Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has now found that QiGong has many benefits not avialible with Tai​ms/​veterans/​veteran_stories
Portland, OR shares the importance of doing things for yourself. (2018) Crystal Muscatello Berrea, OH has found healing through Qigong. (2017)​site-map.asp
Health and Wellness Services at DC WRIISC IRest ® Yoga Nidra Program Acupuncture Program Qigong Chair Yoga Integrative Health Education Nutritional​vantage/​32417/​honoring-care-americas-veterans
that facilitate and support the body s natural ability to heal. For example, a moving meditation such as yoga, t ai chi chih or qigong focuses

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